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Welcome to Terry's Terramites we have a backhoe loader just for you.

Machine discriptions

T5C The smallest machine

Looking for a small backhoe for a landscaping project?  The T5C's are only 48"wide so they will fit in small spaces. T5C's are equipped with Honda or Kohler gas engines and all are two wheel drive.The T5C is equipped with a 1/4 yard front bucket and the backhoe digs to 8' 4". Machine weight approximately 3100 pounds.

T9 The largest terramite machine

We know what it's like to have to deal with a plumbing emergency or even just a simple remodel that includes switching out some of the plumbing and foundations. We've got all your needs covered with a T9 Diesel. These are available in both two or four wheel drive.The T9 is equipped with a 1/2 yard front bucket and the backhoe digs to 10'.  T9's are 60" wide. Machine weight 4560 pounds in two wheel drive and 4960 pounds in four wheel drive models.

T7 the mid-sized machine

 The T7 is a slightly larger machine with more power for moving dirt.  T7's are available in both gas or diesel models. All T7's are two wheel drive. The T7 is  equipped with a 1/3 yard front bucket .  Weight approximately 4200 pounds. 

What you need to know! Terramites are Tough machines.

Several Terramite backhoe machines

CHEAP VS. GOOD Terramite machines

We know what it's like to look for a "good" Terramite machine, we do it every day.

We also know that everyone is looking for a cheap "good machine" or a "good" cheap machine!

These are rare birds indeed and although you may have heard of them, we have not yet found a machine which is both, "cheap" and "good" in the same unit. Still looking the last 18 years.

Switching out the worn parts and rebuilding some others will often help us make a "used" machine into the kind of unit you are really looking for, a "good" machine. 

These are the only kind of Terramites that we want to go out our door and they prove to be the best and the cheapest for our customers in the long run.

Regardless of the application, a "good" machine will always cost you less in down time, aggravation and lost revenue opportunities than a cheap one.

Good machines aren't often cheap and cheap ones aren't often good.

That's just how it is.


Now offering parts

We are now stocking many parts for all Terramite machines, see our parts page!

Hydraulic Systems

All Terramites use motor oil in their Hydraulic systems, DO NOT put hydraulic fluid in a Terramite, Serious damage will be the result. $$$$

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